What can RPA be used for in freight forwarding?

Robotic process automation is the most powerful toolset developed the last decade. Combined with groundbreaking technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, RPA can drive your company into the next century.

One of the strongest features of RPA is that it is not a fixed solution. It can be used for almost anything, only your imagination sets the limits. Below you can find just a few examples of what RPA can automate in your business.


Online booking

Reduce the workload on your staff. Let customers book online, and let a Flowbot enter the bookings into your TMS.


Do you have data in multiple places, and combining them all into useful analytics ? A Flowbot can do that for you.


Track & Trace

One thing is having the data. Another is to put it into use.  A Flowbot can do the real track & trace for you.

Customs entry

Doing international business? Probably. The customs entries can be done by a Flowbot.

Digital mailroom

Flooded by emails, and attachments that needs to be saved in different places? A Flowbot can run your digital mailroom.

invoice processing

Ingoing or outgoing. A Flowbot can create invoices from any system and send them out, or read incoming and check them against what you expected.

Branch syncing

Having multiple branches and a lot of double entries? No need for that. Leave the entries to a Flowbot.

Document management

A Flowbot can create all types of documents based on data in your TMS or any other application. It can send documents by email, or print.

Automatic quotation

Do you have problems coping with the quotations? Leave many of them to a Flowbot. A Flowbot can calculate lightning fast using the full datapower of a server.


Storage fee calculation

How often do you invoice your storage fees? Not often enough, and are you using a lot of time for that? Leave it to a Flowbot.



Did a container arrive, or is the vessel delayed? Have a Flowbot follow the process and notify your customers when needed.



A Flowbot can sort all incoming documents, in any format, extract the relevant data, and enter it where it needs to be.

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