Rate Sheet Updating


Updating your rate sheets manually? No need for that. Flowwy can update all rate sheets you get from carriers, airlines and truckers and keep your sales rates updated all the time.


Take advantage of our 2020 OFFER and get your rate sheets updated within minutes for a price nobody can beat!

Don’t risk losing money because your rate sheets are not updated and published in time.

Have your rate sheets updated completely automatic in seconds and never worry about it again.


  • Multiple file types

    We can process rate sheets in Excel, CSV, PDF and many other file formats, even scanned files.

  • Ongoing digital service

    Set up automatic forwarding of your rate sheets and stay updated at all times.

  • Cloud or email

    Upload your rates sheets to a cloud based folder or send them by email.

  • Rates and Charges

    Both rates and charges are being updated.

  • Immediate processing

    No waiting time, your sheets will be processed, updated and returned immediatly.

  • Choose file update

    Get your sheets returned one be one or compiled to a master sales rate sheet.

  • Update report

    When your rate sheet has been updated you will get a report showing the changes made.

  • Upload directly to IT-system

    The updated ratesheets can be uploaded automatically to your IT-system.

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Yes, where the rate sheets come from  does not matter to us.

We can process any file types and formats. A simple European style Excel sheet , a complex American PDF contract or any other type of setup or format, we can do it.

It depends on the complexity of the sheet and what file format it has. For an Excel sheet the average update time is less than 10 seconds.

We can either send the updated rate sheet back by email or upload it to an online folder.  As an addon we also offer upload directly into website or software.

Yes. Send us a sheet showing how you want your data back and we will keep that sheet updated at all times, changing it as soon as there are new rates in.

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Yes, please contact me about rate sheet processing

Yes, please contact me about rate sheet processing