Super effective quoting


Getting prices in from the carriers, airlines or trucking companies can take a lot of time and work. Preparing quotes and keep track of them takes even more work.

Do it all fast and easy with FlowQuote. The best quotation tool on the market.

Main features

All our services have the same base features as instant setup, connections to many cloud services, and multiple communication channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, and many others. Read more about this here.

For all types of quotations

Ocean freight

Air freight





Rates import

Automatic rate import

Automatic rate management

Carriers connections

All file types

Own data

Set user groups

Set terms per user group

Multiple company users



Create quotes in seconds

Automatic calculations

Manual quotations

All quotation requests in one place

Send quotes directly from FlowQuote

Follow up expiring quotes


Advanced, but simple to use statistics

Quotes sent

Expiring quotes

And much, much more

Find out how Flowwy software can..

– bring in more business

– save costs

– streamline your processes

– give you the technologies you read about


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