Why you should use Flowwy


There is no way around it, pricing is one of the most important aspects when choosing software for your freight forwarding business.

But remember, price and cost may be different things. Price is what you pay per month, cost is also everything that adds up to using your software.

Key points to think about

Is everything you need in your software

Or does your staff have to waste time finding info in different places? Looking up prices or tracking containers?

Can you quote fast and easy and follow up your quotes

or do you lose business because you can't quote fast enough, or are too swamped with work to follow up?

Are your customers constantly on the phone asking for information

or is all the information they need easily available for them so they can get it themselves and you can use your time better?

All these factors, and many more, add up to the total cost of the software. Not only paying the monthly fees, but also the work necessary to use it.
Flowwy software is, in addition to being very timesaving to use, built using the latest technology available. And that does not bring the price up, it brings the price down.

Flowwy freight forwarding software is probably the best-priced software on the market.

Contact us to tell us your needs, and we will make you an offer tailor-made to you.


Find out how Flowwy software can..

– bring in more business

– save costs

– streamline your processes

– give you the technologies you read about


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