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This is our story, in text and pictures

The task

With an owner and co-founder with more than 25 years of freight forwarding experience in both ocean freight and air freight,  the task was clear.
Knowing all the ins-and-outs of freight forwarding and freight forwarding software, having tried out many software solutions from many different providers, there was one main plan.
Giving freight forwarders the tools they really need. Not the tools IT-people think freight forwarders need.
Having the right tools, freight forwarders day could be much better.

The Way

To accomplish The Task, working days would be hard, long and many.
And most of all, long.
From a small start in 2017, it gradually moved on, step by step.
Long days, short nights, and a lot of coffee.
From the first solution built on RPA, Robotic Process Automation, our software solution has been changed and upgraded several times.
Valuable inputs from customers and contacts all over the world from nearly 3 decades of freight forwarding has been evaluated and implemented.
We can safely say that our software has emerged from experience of many freight forwarders.
Thanks for the inputs guys, they are greatly appreciated.
However, all the valuable inputs did not exactly help to reduce the number of workdays, or the working hours every day.

But it did help improve the software.

Ready and running

Flowwy now has customers on four continents, running several different services.
Our customers are everything from small companies with only a few employees to large multinational companies.
Our main service has become logistics data processing and delivery of these data to freight forwarding companies as well as other service providers.
We  also have developed our own portals, Flowtrack for container tracking and FlowQuote that is the most advanced quotation tool on the market.
We are in the process of developing even more software tools, and will launch these during 2022.
We are very proud of our customer service, and you will always be able to get in contact with a member of our staff who can assist you, 24/7.
Our staff will stand on their hands to make you satisfied!

A fully remote company

The last couple of years we have done the same as many IT-companies – gone remote.
No – that does not mean we have dissapeared. Flowwy still have its main seat just outside Antwerp in Belgium.
But our staff are working remotely. Corona forced us, and the advantages became clear. 
Highly skilled staff may not want to move away from where they are living, time-zones means nothing because our staff is all over the place, ready to serve you wherever you are.
Office space is expensive, staff is expensive, especially when serving customers 24/7 all over the world.
And guess who has to pay for that?
Correct. You, the customers.
So slashing these costs benefits you as we can also slash our pricing
It also allows us to hire the best people possible, wherever they are.
Enabling us to deliver the best services possible, now, and in the future.

Find out how Flowwy software can..

– bring in more business

– save costs

– streamline your processes

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