Delivering Digital Power to your freight forwarding company, saving you time and money

Do your employees spend a lot of time doing the same things again and again? 

Entering bookings into your operational software, reading and entering pre-alerts, or calculating storage fees and sending out invoices for example? A time that they rather should have spent doing real freight forwarding work, earning you money?

We can do your repetitive tasks digitally.

With modern technology there is no need for having staff doing the work that can be done faster, better and cheaper using technology doing it for you instead.



  • Fast and simple to get started

    Unless you have some really special requirements, getting started is fast and simple.

  • No investments needed

    Our system and robots are built so there is no investment necessary from our customers.

  • No change of software or hardware needed

    As a customer you do not need to change anything. Keep your hardware, and keep your software. The only change is that, when the robot takes over a work process, the staff who used to do it, can do something else.

  • Immediate effect

    As soon as the robot starts working you will notice the effect and capabilities it has. Saving you time and money, instantly.

  • Affordable price

    Tired of expensive IT solutions? Flowwy is built to be affordable. A digital robot should save you money, not cost you more money.

Developed for the freight forwarding industry from scratch for more than two years, every dot, slash and comma of our service is fine-tuned to digitally do what your staff should not spend time on.

From our base in Dublin, Ireland, we are surrounded by giants like Google, Dropbox and Microsoft, inspiring us to deliver the very best solutions and customer service.

Our staff has a total of more than 50 years of freight forwarding experience, so we know exactly what the freight forwarders’ daily tasks and challenges are. Add that up with a bunch of highly qualified and out-of-the-box-thinking programmers and the result is us. Flowwy.

We are looking forward to the possibility to work with you. Saving you time and money. Simple, fast and effective.