Let a Flowbot take care of your
rate sheet updating,
container tracking,
sailing schedules,
currency exchange rates,
data entry,
saving you time and money, and improving your customer service.

Save time and money using RPA in your business

RPA – Robotic Process Automation, is the most modern tool you can use to save time and money. Flowwy has developed RPA tailor-made for freight forwarders. Have a look at what a Flowbot can do to keep you on the front edge of modern freight forwarding. 

Don’t be left behind the others – run a Flowbot.

TOP 6 most popular SERVICES

Have your ratesheets updated in minutes instead of days and make sure your rates are correct at all times

Run tasks and processes on your TMS automatically. There is no need to use staff for routine entries.

Let your customers book online in a Flowwy portal and the Flowbot will enter the booking into your TMS.

Documents can be produced, organized, and sent out by a Flowbot, saving you the time of doing it yourself.

Track your containers both on the container vessels and in the ports. Notify your customers when the containers are discharged.

Leave the quotations to a Flowbot. It can read incoming emails, calculate the price, and reply to the sender.

Faster than you thought was possible!

A Flowbot is working extremely fast, and will do its work up to several hundreds of times faster than a staff member.

More effective than you ever dreamt of!

Capable of doing most repetitive tasks in your freight forwarding business, a Flowbot is incredibly efficient.

Simple as a walk in the park!

Running Flowwy RPA is very simple. You just need to decide what the robot should do, and we will program the robot, run it and maintain it for you.

Security that makes you sleep like a child!

A Flowbot is often doing business critical work, and security is very important. We got you covered with several layers of security measures.

Investment? What investment?

Running Flowwy RPA does not  require any high investments from you. Pay-As-You-Go is our way of charging our services.

Let us tell you more about what a flowbot can do for you