Track your cargo all the way

Giving your customers a Track & Trace solution will reduce the number of phone calls and emails dramatically. 

Not to mention all the work you save by doing this digitally instead of searching for your cargo on the carriers websites.

Features and Benefits

100% automatic

Track your containers directly at the carriers websites, and even at the ports websites.

24/7 tracking

Tracking when you need it. Schedule tracking once a day, or several times a day, at intervals you decide.

All websites

A Flowwy robot can get data from any website or portal as long as we have access to it

Any file format

Tracking information can be delivered in any file format.

Any software

Tracking information can be entered into any software

Easy Accomodation

Updated tracking info can be sent by email to anybody you define.

How do we do it

1. Data in

We need access to the data you want us to track. We can get that directly from your software, or you can send us tracking data, f.ex. container numbers, by email. 

3. Scheduling

The robot will start and track data based on schedules or intervals that you decide.

2. Websites

We also need a list of websites where the robot should search for tracking data if outside of the carriers websites. 

4. Reporting

When a robot has finished a tracking job it can either update a database, create a file and send you by email, or any other process you decide. 

Incredibly simple

How to get started

Getting started with digital cargo tracking is very easy

Decide tracking data source

The robot needs data to track. You need to decide if the robot should search in your database,  send it to us by email, or upload to a cloud folder.

Tracking result data

How do you want the tracking result? In a file, uploaded to a folder or entered directly into your operational software? The choice is yours.

Decide schedule and notifications

You also need to decide how often should your cargo be tracked. What changes should you be notified of, and how often should the tracking run?

Have a Question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

In principle anything, but most common is container numbers at warehouses, port websites and carriers websites. If you have data to ID your cargo, and it is possible to search on a website, we can do it.

Almost anything. The most common way is that the robot either searches and extracts data directly from our customers operational software, or that our customers send us data files in Excel or CSV that the robot reads and works from.

That depends on the speed of the websites where the searches are done.

A Flowwy robot will have no problems with Captcha or other restrictions on websites.

Anything you wish as long as it is possible to get. A robot can also do date calculations, compare to see if data has changed since the last run and so on.

Simpler than you think