Run your operational software on automation

There are many very good operational softwares out there. Some freight forwarders are running on the latest version on a top-level TMS, others are using older or simpler operational software. 

What they all have in common is that they can be automatized. Entries can be done automatically by a Flowbot.

Sending out notifications, or booking containers with the carriers as well.  There is no need to use high paid staff for doing the repetitive tasks on your TMS. Why not using your staff for doing real freight forwarding work instead?

Make the change from staff operated work stations to Flowbot operated workstations for many tasks and operations.

Very many tasks that are being done on your operational software do not require the knowledge and experience of a freight forwarder. It is routine tasks which is being repeated again and again, day after day. These tasks can be done faster, better and cheaper by a Flowbot than by a staff member. Even compared to lowcost back offices.

When the robot is working on the routine work your high paid staff are freed to do real freight forwarding work.

It is not a big secret. Experienced freight forwarders are not easy to find, and they are expensive. So when you have them they should do what they do best. Freight forwarding. Not data entry. Leave that to those who know how to do data entry best. Flowbots.

One robot can work on multiple workstations

A Flowbot is extremely effective. It can work much faster than any employee or back office worker. It does not get tired or sick, and is just as happy to work on the weekends and at nights as at normal working hours. Not only that, it can also work on several workstations at the same time if you have that much work. Try to ask a staff member to do that….

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