freight forwarding superpowers

Flowwy robotic process automation for freight forwarders is a tool that gives you the possibility to process data, and  all other tasks incredibly fast, 24/7. At the same time a robot will not do mistakes or reduce the work quality.

Work speed that will bring you all the way to your goal

A Flowbot is working incredibly fast. Its working speed is limited only by the server power and your softwares maximum capability to receive and save new data.

Supreme working speed compared to any staff member

When it come to work speed for data entry, data extraction, reading data, or calculate data, no staff member can beat a Flowbot, whatever they do. 

And it will keep working at that speed, 24/7/365, without any complaints.

The sky is the limit

There is no limits to how many Flowbots you can have working on your system.

Flowbots can be run simultaneously, and process an unlimited amount of data. 

There are no maximum levels for what can be done with Flowbots, it is just a question of how many you want to have working.

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