No investments necessary

Implementing enterprise grade RPA in a business usually comes with considerable investments in software licenses and development costs. In addition you will need staff who has the competence to run and maintain both the hardware and software.

Using Flowwy’s RPA solutions, developed especially for freight forwarders, you do not need to invest in any hardware or software, and we have the staff to run it. 

You do not have to think about that at all.

Immediate Effect.

Have you heard the term ROI? Return On Investment. Nobody really likes to hear about that. Investing now and seeing a return in a few years or so. With Flowwy RPA it is different. First of all you do not have to make any huge investments, but you can still see the immediate effect as soon as we push the green start-button. No need to wait until next year, you will see the difference immediately.

Forseeable Costs.

Running a Flowbot does of course have a price. But it is a monthly cost, and you will always know  how much it will be. No guesswork here.

That makes it easy for you to always see the advantages you have by running one or more Flowbots comparing to having staff doing those tasks.

Savings in Your Wallet.

A Flowbot is always much more effective than even your fastest staff member or back office. And will always be cheaper. You will feel the economic advantage of running Flowbots directly in your wallet, and you will feel that very soon after starting with Flowwy RPA.

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