Let your customers book online 24/7

Online Booking is the natural extension of the digital sailing list. 

After having chosen the best suitable sailing your customer can be sent directly to the online booking form. 

Let your customers book anytime, 24/7.

Features and Benefits

Online booking lets your customers book 24/7, and reduces much manual work for your staff as your customers will do it themselves.

Accept bookings anytime

Bookings can be made any time, even if your office is closed.

Customer registration

Decide who is allowed to book online using username and password.

Save as templates

Customers can save their bookings as templates saving time when booking the next time.

Booking confirmations

Booking confirmations are generated and sent out automatically.

Any software

Bookings can be entered directly into any operational software.

Connect to your sailing list

Can be connected to digital sailing lists.

How we do it


Online booking is delivered as a standalone  online module.

3. Sailing list

Sailing data can be retrieved from your digital sailing list if you choose.

5. Data entry

Booking data will be entered directly into your operational software.


The booking module can connect and integrate with your website or remain independent. 

4. Booking form

The module has a booking form that can be set up as you wish.

6. Notifications

The system will send out notifications to both your customers and your staff.

Incredibly simple

How to get started

Getting started with online booking is very simple, regardless of your software.

Booking form

We will modify the booking form as to per your requirements.

Customer registration

Customer registration will be adapted to your customer numbers and customer types.

Booking entry

Bookings made online will be entered directly into your operational software, removing the need for manual entry of data.

Have a Question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

No, the module is completely standalone and has no special requirements.

Yes, you have full control, and can set up access levels, user groups and so on.

Your staff, on personal or department level, will be notified via email.

 A Flowwy robot can enter bookings into any software.

The robot can create and send out any type of documents.

Simpler than you think

Contact us to get started with online booking.