Quoting in seconds

Quoting takes very much time in any freight forwarding business.

Reducing the time spent on responding to quote requests is not only a huge time saver, but will also greatly improve customer service, and help you win more business.

For many quote requests, the time it takes before a response is sent back can make or break the deal.

Features and Benefits

The time between receiving a quote request and responding to it, can win or lose the business. The benefits of using digital quoting are many.

Multiple quotation tools

Choose between several quotation tools and offer your customers

Online rate calculator

Publish a rate calculator on your website allowing your customers to calculate their rate on their own.

Email text extraction

A Flowwy robot can read and extract text from email subject line and body, and recognize quote request wordings.

Rate sheets

Rate sheets can be generated based on rates from carriers and truckers.

Adapted quotes

Quotes can be adapted, so different customers get different quotes, based on your settings.

Quote in seconds

Give your customers their quotation in seconds, not hours or even days.

How do we do it

1.The base

The base is to keep your rate sheets updated at all times, and to upload them to your calculation tools.

3. Forms

If you offer a rate calculator your customer will type in the cargo details in the calculator form and generate a quote on the spot. 


The calculations are made based on a number of formulas in the back end, capable of calculation more or less anything.

4. Emails

Extract the relevant text and data from subject line and the email body, and have the robot prepare the quote based on it.