Sailing schedules made easy

By getting a Flowwy Sailing List you will get access to advanced features and will receive continuous updates so you can provide your customers with an exceptional service.

Save a lot of time and money by getting continuously updated sailing schedules from the carriers.

Connected to Online Booking it will enable your customer to pick departures from an updated list and to book directly online.

Features and Benefits

Updating your sailing list digitally will save you a lot of work and keep your export schedules updated at all times.

100% automatic

No need to manually update your sailing list any longer.

Update any time

Update your sailing list at any interval you wish.

Calculate closing dates

Automatically calculates cargo and document closing, and any other time limit.

Any file type

Delivery of sailing schedules in any file type and format.

Any software

Update of sailing schedules in any software.

Connect to online booking

Digital sailing info can be connected to Direct Online Booking.

How do we do it


Based on a list of routes and carriers you give us, we will program a robot to get the data from the carriers.

3. Getting data

The robot will get the data from the best possible source. For some carriers that will be their website, for others it can be by email.


If you want the robot to calculate dates for document and cargo closing, or any other time limit,  the robot will calculate these against the calendar.

4. Deliver data

After each run the robot will deliver data to you the way you wish. It can be in a file, or by updating your software directly. That is up to you.

Incredibly simple

How to get started

Supply us with your data, we will do the rest


Send us info about your trade lanes and the carriers you use.

Result file

We also need an example file showing how the result file should be formatted.


Tell us how you want the updated sailing schedule delivered.

Have a Question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

A Flowwy robot can check any carrier offering sailing data online.

As often as you like, but doing it too often can bring some unexpected results, as carriers often do minor changes, and then change back again later.

Absolutely. We need a list of email addresses to send to, and to know how often to send it.

Any information you like can be added in.

Yes, we can deliver in any format, and also upload the file into any software or database.

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