process your invoices automatically

Do you receive a lot of invoices?  We bet you do!

Checking the invoices against what was expected, and then enter the invoice data into your software takes a lot of time. But there is no need to do this manually.

Flowwy can read all invoices, extract the relevant data, check the amounts against what you did expect to pay, and then enter the invoice data into your system if everything is OK. If not, then you will be notified via email.

Features and Benefits

Digital invoice processing will save you a lot of time and money.´

100% automatic

Invoice processing can be set up to run 100% automatically.

Any invoice types

A Flowwy robot can read both, invoices as email attachments and scanned paper invoices.

Invoice verification

Can do multiple checks to verify that the amount payable is correct.

Any file type

All commonly used invoice formats and file formats can be read.

Any software

A Flowwy digital robot can enter your invoices into any operational and accounting software.

No limits

There are no limits to how many invoices can be processed.

How we do it


You will need to send us your invoices by email or scan your invoices and upload to a cloud based folder.

3. Connect

The robot is connected to your system all the time. As soon as a new invoice is detected, it will start your software so it can do its job.


2. Monitor

The robot will check the email for incoming invoices at time intervals that you decide. It will also monitor the cloud folder to check for any new invoices. 


4. The job

As soon as a new invoice is detected the robot will start your software, do the controls it should, and enter the invoice as instructed.

Incredibly simple

How to get started

Getting started with digital invoice management is really simple.

Get in touch

We need to know some details about your business, your software, and your routines.

Give instructions

We then need to know exactly how you want us to do your invoice processing.

Contract and setup

We sign a contract and set up the technical stuff. The technical part you do not need to think of at all. We will take care of that.

Have a Question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

No, the robot will extract data from any invoice as long as it can understand the content.

Yes, the robot can read the invoice content, and extract f.ex. file number or container number, and then do a search in your operational software to find the amount you expected to pay. It can then calculate +/- a fixed sum or a percentage to see if the invoice is inside the limits you have set.

If there is data in an invoice the robot does not understand, it will not enter it. It will instead send an email to your staff, notifying them about this, and attach a copy of the invoice.

Any file format existing in daily business works.

Yes. We will set up an email address, where you can forward all invoices you get by email automatically. If you receive paper emails by mail you can scan these to a cloud based folder, where the robot will read them from.

Simpler than you think

Get in touch and get started with digital invoice processing