Container tracking done fast and simple

Container tracking can be very time consuming if done manually. If done by external data suppliers you are usually completely dependent on how they deliver the data to you. Using a Flowbot you will get the data the way you need it. When you need it.

This is how you can do your container tracking and stay updated all the time without manual work at all. Have a look at the video on the right side.


Send us your container numbers and carriers

A Flowbot does not need your container data in any special form or formatting. Just sent us your container numbers and carrier name as you have them. Download the data from your TMS and send it to us by email, or upload to a online storage, or upload by FTP. It all works.

Get your data back any way you like

We will send the tracking results back to you any way you like, and and any file format. The Flowbot can also upload the tracking results directly to your TMS.

Need to track the ports as well?

Containers are not only on container vessels, they also arrive in ports. A Flowbot is able to track the ports as well as the container vessels. It can check if the vessel has arrived and if the container is discharged. It can even notify your customers about when they can pick up their cargo from the warehouse.

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Yes, as long as the carrier offers an online tracking service, we can do it.

There are no limits for the total number, even if some carriers may have a limit to how many containers you can track at the time.

You need to send us the container numbers, either by email or upload to a cloud based folder, or by FTP.

As standard the tracking results are sent by email or uploaded to a cloud folder. As an addon the results can also be uploaded to a website or software.

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