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Fully Automatic Portals for Freight Forwarders.

The days of manual work and back offices is over. Fully automatic data processing has taken over. Lighening fast digital services allows you and your customers to stay updated at all times.

Your weekly statistics are ready
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You just received a quotation request from...
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Fully automatic data delivery

Data-driven freight forwarding portals for all your data needs. Fully automatic data processing makes the working day easy for you and your customers.

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that matter.

Flowwy provide freight forwarding data delivered to you in 3 different portals. Find the portal suited best to your needs.

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Our main portal, FlowPort, has everything you need.

Flowport is a complete freight forwarding tool, supplying all the data you need.
A complete tool for quotation, booking, tracking, statistics and much more.

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A advanced quotation tool, giving you and your customers the possibility to quote in seconds.

FlowQuote is a fully featured rate managment and quotation tool. Process your rates, add markups and charges, create and send quotes in seconds.

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Do you not need "everything", but only container tracking? Then you are in the right place!

With FlowTrack you can track all your containers, and get all the data carriers are offering. All relevant statuses showing, get notifications and stay updated. For you and your customers.

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Have a look at some demo videos and see for your self

FlowPort, FlowPort LCL and FlowQuote

Would you like to have a Demo?

Get in touch and we will be happy to show you what Flowwy portals can do for you.